Rhode Island Local Musicians
Project Christmas 2006

A CD of Christmas Music
for all New Englanders by local area artists

Bob "Dizzy" Gillespie & Tony Caramadre (Phattones Studio) will be producing a
Christmas Music CD with local area artists. This project will include
old favorites, new favorites and original songs.

Conceived to fill a void in the local music scene, this planned
CD album of Christmas Music will be released in the fall of 2006.

This innovative project also includes a DVD "reality" movie
with behind-the-scenes recording, concert footage, and a number of live concerts.

Currently we are accepting a limited number of musicians to submit originals,
their original interpretations, and oldies that are truly Rhode Island favorites.

Sponsors are currently being accepted subject to committee approval.

Promotion for a sponsor's organization and their product or service
may include a mention on the CD, the concert program book, the DVD, and publicity.

Publicity will be coordinated by our 30 year veteran of media strategy, publicity
and promotion well-known to many in the music industry, politics and the press.

This type of Christmas project has never been done on this scale in Rhode Island.
Bob and Tony expect great results for musicians, sponsors and listeners alike.

More information will be available soon or contact

Bob "Dizzy" Gillespie
Bob is an accomplished drummer and percussionist who has played with a number of bands from Florida to as far west as Arizona and north into his native New England including "The Detectives", "MX", "Louisiana Red", "Blues Hounds", "The Schemers" and more.
Bob's experience and innate ability to coordinate a variety of temperments and styles makes him a perfect choice to coordinate musicians and their music on this project and get the job done right.

Tony Caramadre
Known as Rhode Island's "Man of Music" Tony Caramadre recently completed recording the CD album "Collaboration" at his Phattones Studio. That project, heralded by Rhode Island papers "The Phoenix", "Motif" and others features a host of local musicians performing their own local music. Tony plans on handling the recording of this Christmas 2006 project at his Phattones studio personally.

Tony's studio site is www.phattones.net - his personal site is here - for more
on the finished Collaboration album click here.