Helping the
"Children of Fallen Veterans"

Troop Aid began with a few non-political musical artists, business people and veterans who decided to try and help the children of fallen veterans.  As word spread quickly, others wanted to take part to raise money and draw attention to these children who sacrificed a parent and perhaps lost their childhood.

Many in our group differ in opinions on most things, but we do agree that the sacrifice these children make is overlooked and their needs are real.  They should be proud that their parent fought and sacrificed to keep our country safe, and we have a responsibility to help them.

Heroes who do their duty deserve better for their children.

Whether the war is right or wrong is not the issue for us, simply that the children should not suffer.

With that in mind, we set up our "Troop Aid" committee to accomplish three things:
1.  Produce an artist's compilation CD whose sales proceeds will benefit "Minor Children of Fallen Veterans" with artists from around the country and from allied nations.

2.  Perform a concert locally where the committee began and if successful, support others in regions where artists on the CD are from in cooperation with veterans groups where we can be sure the proceeds benefit the children.

3.  Publicize the appearance of these generous artists who are allowing their music to be used without charge to the group.

A number of well known artists have stepped forward to provide "orphaned" songs as a publicity measure.  Orphaned songs are great songs the artist never got onto an album, perhaps because they didn't fit physically or aesthetically with the theme of the album, or any number of other reasons.  Other artists have submitted new and original music.

Phattones Recording Studio in Warwick, Rhode Island ( has agreed to handle the mixing and mastering and will begin the work on Monday, August 22nd 2010.

Tony Caramadre, known as Rhode Island's MAN OF MUSIC will be overseeing the project personally.  Mike Sahagian of Britney Spears fame and Gerry Granahan, the legendary producer with over 50 years in the music business have also taken a personal interest.

The list of musicians who have offered to help can be seen at

Publicity is being handled by local media people and a media guru.  You can reach them at if you wish to help.

A number of Nonprofit Organizations have volunteered to help legally handle the funds to make sure the money gets to the kids, people can write it off on their taxes, and safeguard the project.  Our committee has the unenviable task of selecting one of these while offending as few people as possible.

Our tentative public release date of this CD compilation album is mid September with a private funraising CD release/sales party.

The public concert is expected to be around the third week in October.


You can EMAIL the committee at

Or call Phattones Studio at (401) 785-3083

This site will be updated often.