“Children of Fallen Veterans”

The "Children of Fallen Veterans" project is now in full swing.

It consists of three parts:
1.  A compilation CD in the process now of being created
2.  A CD Release and sales party
3.  A benefit Event / Concert - starting first in New England

If you are a band or musical artist with a song that's written and recorded but just didn't fit aesthetically or physically but otherwise is a nice piece you think is worthy of publication, contact us.

We are asking these "orphaned" songs be used to support the "orphans" wrought by war and that the use of these songs be donated to this fundraising CD.

Contributing artists RETAIN ALL RIGHTS so they can use their tune for any project they choose,
even during the term of this agreement which will formalize permission to use the song for a limited time.

The CD is being created in Phattones Studio in Warwick, Rhode Island. (www.phattones.net)
Tone's expertise, background and reputation as
Rhode Island's Man of Music made him an obvious choice for the task.

Because of the massive size of this project, with artists ranging from international to local,
Phattones requests all material be in the studio by August 19th, 2005.

We realize the time frame short. Please advise the studio at phattones@cox.net
of any problems meeting this timeframe, or any issues regarding format, mixing, etc.

1.  Submit a short 3 - 4 minute range original tune.
     The tune should be well mixed and ready to be mastered or already mastered.
     Lyrics sheet with credit for the lyrics and tune should also be included.
     PLEASE include the names of the performing musicians

2.   Your song can be copyrighted, as long as it was copyrighted by you and you are
      giving us permission to use it.   ASCAP licensed music causes too much paperwork
      and we'd rather the money go to the cause than to ASCAP.

3.  Submit the tune in audio format or WAV format only.
      NO MP3’ please. Submit on CD or DVD or DAT tape.
      If mailing please moisture proof the package.

4.   A formal agreement will be required and sent you upon indication you wish to participate.
      It will grant permission for use of the song provided by the charity for a limited time.
      Contributing artists RETAIN ALL RIGHTS to use their tune for any project they
      choose, even during the term of the agreement.

5.   If you don't have a web page, we'll get you one.  Expect publicity as well, and a background
      questionaire used to generate Publicity will be sent to you when you indicate you wish to participate.
Many thanks in advance for your assistance in what should be a very successful project.

Musicians in the link below have all indicated they will be submitting original music to date: