Gerrianne Genga
Singer - Dancer - Choreographer

Gerrianne Genga



Gerrianne Genga, is a choreographer and master class teacher whose choreography projects include ABC-TV national sporting events and live stage shows for leading New England nightclubs .Her students have performed in Las Vegas and around the world with such artists as Prince and Janet Jackson. Gerrianne filmed "Meet Joe Black" with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins and made numerous appearances in the NBC drama "Providence". She is a featured actress in the films "A Cup Of Coffee" and "Friends First Foremost." Her choreography can be seen in a film staring Alec Baldwin called "Outside Providence" and   she was choreographer for the World Cup N*SYNC show at Giant Stadium. Gerrianne is also a guest faculty member and featured choreographer at Mesa State College in Colorado.  Most recently she is working on a television pilot called “Do You Know The Grants?”   Gerrianne also performed as the lead singer in a rock group called “The Brink”.

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