Tony "Tone" Caramadre

Rhode Island's MAN OF MUSIC

Rhode Island's MAN OF MUSIC, Tony Caramadre is well known in Rhode Island music circles.  He has performed under his name, his Phattones Studio name and stage names with different bands.

Tony started his performing career at age 14 at the Providence Marriot’s Cahoots Lounge, then went on to play at CCRI events and at "The Living Room".

He opened for James  Montgomery at Lupos Hearbreak Hotel and Faces.   He played with "Easy Access" at J.R.'s Fastlane.




Tony performs at numerous colleges, national conventions and festivals and was a finalist in many contests including the old WHJY Rock wars and the WBRU Rock Hunt.

He went on to play with some of New York City's best musicians, like noted Jazz guitarist Louis Locicero and Keyboardist Dave Sokol.

He also played with Sax master Steve Ruggieri and guitarist Stuart Kimball Jr. (Kimball has played with Peter Wolf and Amy Mann, Annie Lenox, Carlie Simon and Bob Dylan.  Kimball is one of Tony's favorite guitarists).

Tony played many NYC eclectic clubs like "Kit Kat Club" and "The Bitter End", played on the Queen Elizabeth II, opened a 14,000 seat sellout show for Mandy Moore the young entertainer, opened a couple of shows for Jimmy Buffett at The Tweeter Center, played with John Butcher Axis and also with Pinetop Perkins &
Little Mike and the Tornados.



His versatility and experience writing and performing various genres of music with a variety of artists, all with different temperments has allowed him to perform in all types of musical venues and arenas.

He played with Jazz/Fusion guitar player Al 'Monty' Hill who currently plays with the Herbie Hancock Band, then played on tour and recorded here with "Tex Burbank" the "guitar slinger" whose real name is Glenn Sciurba of Badfinger / Cher / Commander Cody  fame.

Recently his bass guitar skills won him a slot in Mike Asquino's "return exhibition tour" through Hartford, New London, New York City and Pennsylvania.  Mike Asquino is co-writer of several John Denver hit songs.



Today, Tony is always busy, playing locally, nationally and internationally.   He performs and records with a number of bands including "The Vegas Lords", "Jason Roseman and the Tropical Gems", The Anita Jones Band", "The Gemtones", "Rockin' the House", "Mirra" and “Next Move, the Band of Destiny”.



Today his longtime friend, Mike Sahagian, best known as Britney Spears innovative keyboard player for her first 3 albums and her 300+ world wide shows works with him in studio production and was recently selected to compile a benefit album for "The Children of Fallen Veterans".  More details at





there was Tony Caramadre from Cranston, Rhode Island.


Tony took an interest in music at age 7 or 8 when he discovered the Piano.  Along with guitar lessons at Ragusta music in Cranston, and joined the Junior High School Marching, Concert and Stage bands.  During his time with the school bands under band director Dennis DiSano, Tony toured Italy and marched at Disneyworld.  At age 14 Tony played for a band called the "High Spirits" every Sunday at the Providence Marriot’s Cahoots Lounge for $200 a night. He went on to his first paid recording session with Russell Martin at Viacount in Cranston at age 15.

When graduating from Cranston Public Schools, he looked into music schools.  Upon learning the high cost, and how Musicians coming out of school cannot themselves, he set about finding his own schooling.

So he started out his technical study "hands on" interning and assisting producers Phil Greene and Tom Soares at the Normandy Sound Company recording studio in Warren, Rhode Island.

Green, known for being meticulous produced many large names in Jazz and notables in rock like "New Kids on the Block", "Beaver Brown Band", "Journey's Drummer's Solo Project", "NRG", "Janet Jackson", "Mighty Mighty Bosstones", "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch", "Twisted Christmas", "Boot Sauce?", "Cheryl Wheeler", "Steve Smith", "Billy Cobham" and "The Roosters".

Studio Normandy had a number of successful interns and staff besides Tony, including Paul Lehrman (now a feature writer of the Insider Audio column for Mix magazine) and Robert Pemberton, the talented audio engineer who set up Providence's Sound Station Eleven Studio and Fred Bortolotti, vocalist, and audio engineer who is now an integral part of the national "Guitar Center" chain.

Tony's work quality ethic wrought by a demanding Phil Green and Tom Soares during his internship included faithful practice which began to pay off as Tony's reputation grew, and grew, and grew.

Today he operates Phattones Studio in Warwick, Rhode Island's best kept secret, until now.

When asked recently what he thought was the most important thing he learned in his career, Tony replied, "Practice, Practice, Practice and strive for excellence, not perfection.”

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